Running is said to provide both physical and emotional benefits. Even running for a short period of time can help enhance your overall wellbeing. Not yet convinced? Here are some top reasons to start running now.

1. It is simple

While some modern gear is required to make your running more exciting, you just need a pair of shoes and a helpful sports bra. It is as simple as that. You already know how to hit the pavement. You might not be in great shape at the moment, but you know how to run at a comfortable pace. You don’t need to buy any equipment or to master any skills. Simply get out there and start running. If you are new to running, you may need to come up with a walking/running plan to help ease your transition to comfortable running.

2. Running reduces stress

Regular runners will tell you that their frequent jog helps reduce their stress levels. The tension in your legs, back, neck and shoulders will start to reduce once you take those powerful strides. Many people say that they are able to solve many of their problems while on the move and research studies on workout have supported them. Running has even been utilized by mental medical experts to control clinical depression as well as emotional conditions such as alcohol and drug addiction.

3. Weight Loss

If you want to lose some weight, running is one of the most effective methods. Since running requires energy, you will be able to burn a considerable number of calories. To drop weight, you need to burn calories. Running can help burn those calories more than any other workout routine. Averagely, one can burn up to a hundred calories per mile.

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