There is nothing better than a great hobby to take your mind off of the everyday and fill you with a sense of well being; that is except for a hobby such as photography that actually pays you. Maybe you didn’t know it but there are many different ways that you can make money with your photographs and turn your shutter bugging habit into a small side job.

With the advent of the Internet it is now easier than ever to make money with your photography hobby, though you can make money offline as well. Here are some of the ways that photography can pay:

o Events photographer: You hear the story all the time; someone is asked by their friends to snap a few photos at their wedding and then the shots come out so good that someone else that views the shots ends up hiring that person for their wedding. This type of story is what is known as an accidental money making opportunity. You can either wait for someone to find your talent or if you know that you have it, you can get a few business cards made and starting with friends and family you can photograph their events. As you get better and your portfolio grows so too will your clientele and the prices you can charge.

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